Camping employee - Duinrell (Netherlands)

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Camping employee - Duinrell (Netherlands)

Job description

Vacanceselect recruit employees to work on our campsites within Europe.

Camping Duinrell would be a great stepping stone to a fulfilling adventure that is not your typical 9-5 job.

So do you have what it takes to make our customers have their best holiday ever… If yes then what are you waiting for!

You can apply now to be part of our team for Season 2022.

Our earliest start dates are in March/April and the season can end as late as October/November. There are also options of working Half Seasons, Starting the season until Mid-July, or Mid-July until the end of the season.

Every day is different…It is hard work but very rewarding, not every day do you live on a theme park, go to the pool / beach or explore the local area after you finish your working day.

What does an average day look like as a camping Ambassador?

Your alarm clock goes off. The sun is shining, this promises to be another beautiful day. After you finish your coffee you see the first guests arriving to check out. You make sure they leave as happy as they’ve arrived. If there are no other guests to check out yet, you’re going to start cleaning the accommodations. This saves time later in the day. At 9:00 am you go back to the reception for the reception hour. You answer some questions from guests and check out the rest of the guests. At 10:00 AM you continue cleaning and at 1:00 PM you’ve cleaned all the accommodations. The check-in starts at 4:00 PM, so you go to the beach for 3 hours with some friends you met at the campsite. At 4:00 PM you will be back at the reception to check in the first guests. You welcome them with a big smile, so that they immediately feel at ease. You give them a number of tips about the area. You explain the campsite to them and you show them to their accommodation. At 6:30 PM you take a tour of the campsite to make sure guests have everything they need.

In addition to the position as a campsite employee, we also offer positions as a team leader, host and you can also work with us as a campsite couple. As a campsite couple you manage your own piece of campsite.


What else do we expect from you as a camping Ambassador?

  • Good knowledge of the English language. Dutch / German are also an advantage.
  • Experience in the hospitality sector;
  • You are available in the following periods
    • +/- March to +/- November (full season)
  • +/- March to July 15th (half season)
  • July 15th to +/- November (half season)
  • July and August - High Season

What we will offer you?

  • An accommodation from Vacanceselect;
  • A bicycle or golf buggy to move around the campsite;
  • A fixed monthly salary;
  • One day off per week;
  • Training before you leave;
  • Guidance from a local manager (English speaking);
  • Discount for family and friends;
  • Uniform;
  • You will receive a telephone and tablet together with the team (For work purposes)
  • We pay your travel expenses for the journey;
    • Train ticket;
    • € 0,19 per kilometer with your own transport.

Added bonus of working on Camping Duinrell next summer is that you will make lifelong friends, enjoy new opportunities and add further skills to your CV.

There is a lot of cleaning and customer service involved within this job role, however the rewards are ones that would not be achieved in a 9-5 office job!

If this sounds like something you would be interested in but have some questions then please get in touch: Telephone 072-5183134 or send an email to You can also reach us via Whatsapp on 06-11402333.

If you are committed then complete an application form today, then you might just be on Camping Duinrell for Season 2022!