Installations and Maintenance Ambassador

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Installations and Maintenance Ambassador

Ihre Aufgaben

Have you always wanted to work abroad as an installation or maintenance Ambassador? What do you think about working as an installations Ambassador in France?

How does your job look like as an installation Ambassador?

As an installations Ambassador you will start at the end of September until early 2022. Why this time of the year? Because you and your colleague are responsible to ensure that all accommodations are in the correct place on the campsites, ready for the 2022 season. You will drive from one campsite to the next, a great way to explore France. However, it will be a physically demanding job and you will be working in various cold weathers. This is something that should not bother you. You will work 5 days a week and have the weekend off to yourself. There can be an occasional weekend where you do have to work, which you will be notified of. The colleague that you will be working with speaks English, so it's important that you speak English very well. Ideally we would like you to be able to drive to help with the installations work. Your working location is France.

How does your job look like as a maintenance Ambassador?

As soon as the installation Ambassadors have put everything into place, it will be up to you to connect everything. Think about connecting the mobile homes, connecting them to the water, connecting them to the electricity. As a maintenance Ambassador you will work in a certain area, so not just at one campsite. That makes the job so much fun and not a day will be the same. After everything is installed and the campsites are opening, you will be responsible for the preparations at the campsites. For example if a fridge break's down at an accommodation where guests are staying. Of course it's important that the preparations will be done as soon as possible. Together with your other colleagues at the campsites, you will make sure that the guests have an experience that they will never forget. Your working location will be France.

Ihr Profil

What else do we expect from you as an installations or maintenance Ambassador?

  • Good knowledge of the English language;
  • Speaking French is a plus (But not a requirement);
  • Preferably have a Driving Licence (Installations)
  • As a maintenance worker you have some working experience and a qualification;
  • You are available in the upcoming periods:
    • Installation worker: The end of September until early in 2022

What can you expect from us?

  • An accommodation from Vacanceselect;
  • A regular salary;
  • We will pay your travel expenses for the travel;
    • Plane ticket that we will book for you or;
    • When you travel by car we will pay € 0,19 per kilometre.
  • Coaching from a local manager (English speaking);
  • Discount for family and friends;
  • Uniform.

Does it seem fantastic to you, but do you still have some questions? Then call 072-5183134 or send an email to You can also reach us via Whatsapp on 06-11402333. Are you absolutely sure that this is the job for you? Apply today and who knows, you might be at one of our campsites in 2022!